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Jusepe de Ribera, Saint Joseph (ca. 1635)
I think the famous Ludwig Mies van der Rohe phrase “Less is More” finds here, backwards, its perfect application: the painting is all about Joseph’s ecstatic contemplation of the Highest; only those little white almond blossoms distract our attention from his captivated eyes, but, at the same time, they immediately remind us of the real centre of the painting through the same use of colours.
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Albert von Keller
1886 - 87
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Georges Antoine Rochegrosse
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Vito Acconci
Soap & Eyes, 1970
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Utrecht Hospital, 1890 c.
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Sin-eater illustration Please don’t remove credit
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Light Witch x Blood Milk
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Feather Child by Lucy Glenlendinning.

This art work is inspired by her fascination with a future society. The feathered children are questions, where the artist is asking us if we lived in a world where our genetics could be freely manipulated, will be able to resist altering our physical abilities?

The fragility of the feathers also represents the fate of Icarus in Greek mythology, where Icarus flew too close to the sun and burned to a crisp. How far can humanity progress before everything falls apart?

Canvas  by  andbamnan